Mark Tigges

Wood fired pottery

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July 7, 2023 - August 20, 2023

My original ceramics teacher from High School and I will be having a joint show at CSA Space. This is a small exhibition stage curated by Chris Brayshaw and Stephen Tong. Opening reception is 6-9 if you're interested. The work exhibited is a collection of wood and wood/soda fired pots from my own kilns, and the shadbolt train.

Christmas Show & Sale
December 21,22 2020

Due to covid, a good friend and I have elected to hold a smaller outdoor show this year. Brigitta Schneiter is a founding member of our local Art Studio tour. She has graciously offered to hold a joint sale on her property.

Brigitta fires in oxidation at cone 6, so the two styles of my atmospheric work and her ox work pairs well. It's also the same weekend that Kerry McLaren, our studio tour czar holds her annual winter sale. We're hoping to compliment her not compete, our thinking is you will visit both.